OpenDataSoft Achieves Advanced Tier Technology Partner status in the AWS APN

BOSTON — August 14, 2017 – OpenDataSoft, a global software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent, and actionable, is excited to announce it has achieved Advanced tier Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). OpenDataSoft has achieved this recognition by meeting the strict quality standards of AWS. The Advanced designation is the highest status a Technology Partner in the APN can receive, and it demonstrates OpenDataSoft’s continued commitment to bringing additional layers of features to clients seeking to embrace the power of AWS.

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Open Data for the International Youth Day: The Internet is for Youth!

Today marks the 18th year of the International Youth Day! As an Open Data team, we wanted to share some colorful data with you. We chose a few datasets about the use of the Internet by Youth in Europe, and here is what we discovered!

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Smart Grids share energy data OpenDataSoft

Smart Grids – The Electric Grid at the Hour of the Data Revolution

Smart grids, or intelligent electrical networks, are attracting increased worldwide attention. They respond to the challenges posed by the production and distribution of electrical energy. Let’s take a look back at the development of smart grids and the opportunities offered to utilities by using data coming from these new smart electricity distribution networks.

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Open Data Examples can help demonstrate the need and use of Open Data

Open Data Examples in the Real World: Exciting Use Cases and their Impact

If an Open Data enthusiast attempts to inspire others for the topic, he or she will soon be confronted with one tough question: What is the impact? Some may be able to convince with long monologues about transparency and potential for innovation, but often all one needs are some inspiring Open Data examples from the real world.

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Follow the new Open Data podcast series by OpenDataSoft!

Open Data Discussions: Discussing Open Data in Albuquerque with Mark Leech

Welcome to OpenDataSoft’s new Open Data Podcast, “Open Data Discussions!” Each month, Open Data Evangelist Jason Hare will speak to a leader from a different Open Data program around the country to discuss what has made it successful to provide you with insights and strategies to implement in your city!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Leech, Technical Services Manager for the City of Albuquerque’s Police Department, during our first podcast.

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The OpenDataSoft platform allows Schneider Electric data scientists to focus on value-add analysis

The OpenDataSoft and Schneider Electric agreement provides Schneider Electric with a tool to reduce time-consuming data management tasks. Schneider Electric’s data scientists are free to focus on their core mission: mining and modeling data for business insights.

Boston, July 25, 2017 — OpenDataSoft, a global software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent and actionable, announces a collaboration with Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, to build Schneider’s internal Analytics Data Library for IoT and Digital offers.

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Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

Part 3: Resilience & Adaptation

Parts 1 and 2 of this series look at U.S. mayors’ commitment to upholding the Paris Agreement through mitigation efforts (primarily greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions) aimed at keeping the global temperature rise this century well below 2C°. In this installment, we consider the U.S. mayors’ efforts to manage the risks of a warming planet through resilience and adaption, and look at how open data and smart city technology can help.

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What is a smart city is a major question

What is a Smart City? A Comprehensive Introduction

We read and fantasize endlessly about the concept of the Smart City. Representations of these cities in the collective imagination are in large part influenced by movies (such as Minority Report), but in reality, what does it mean? Numerous cities, such as Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, and even Paris are transforming themselves, constructing and testing their smart models. But more precisely, what is the Smart City?

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Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

Part 2: Cutting Emissions from Transportation & Water Treatment

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the commitment cities have made to continue to uphold the Paris climate accord in the wake of the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. We also presented case studies to demonstrate some actions cities have taken to achieve emission reductions from buildings using smart city technology and open data. In this installment, we do the same for the transportation and water treatment sectors. We also present some of the challenges initiatives like these face, including financing, security, and some gaps in local-level open data and real-time sensor data access.

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Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

US mayors at the recent US Conference of Mayors in Washington DC

Part 1: Cutting Emissions from Buildings

 “We’re getting out.” With those words, President Donald Trump announced on June 1, 2017 that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord. The response from U.S. mayors was immediate: “the world cannot wait–and neither will we.”

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