the global epic of data distribution aeneid virgil

The global epic of data distribution

Open Data? What is it all about? Opening new perspectives by sharing and reusing data, making your life and the lives of others easier through transparency. But why is it so important, and what might be the costs of not opening your data? The following article, written by our Chief Data Officer Nicolas Terpolilli, will help you understand the global epic of data distribution.

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données de transport transportation open data

OpenDataSoft, the start-up that converts carriers to open data

This article was first published (in French) in May, 2016 on the Journal du Net.

The French company facilitates the opening of transport data through a platform dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to develop new intelligent services.

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Open DataSoft Partners can benefit from the Open Data as a Service Offer

OpenDataSoft Announces Industry’s First Open Data as a Service (ODaaS) Platform

New Open Data as a Service platform allows MSPs, ISVs, and SaaS providers to offer the managed delivery of Open Data services to their clients.

Boston, February 8, 2017 – OpenDataSoft, the global leader in data publishing and sharing solutions for governments and private companies alike, is proud to announce the industry’s first Open Data as a Service (ODaaS) platform. With the ODaaS platform, OpenDataSoft value-added partners can leverage a user-friendly, cloud-based data publishing and sharing platform to allow data to be easily visualized and reused by citizens, startups, or teams within city departments or organizations via APIs.

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Open Data Trends in 2017

Open Data Trends in 2017: 11 Predictions from Open Data Experts

Open Data is still in its nascent stages. While cities, countries, private sector and government organizations put forward a myriad of models to increase re-use and bring value to Open Data there are some things that have happened in 2016 that will make 2017 special. Forget about crystal gazing, these experts have some strong views about Open Data trends in 2017!

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the state of open data in Germany

The State of Open Data in Germany: From Missed Opportunities to Great Successes

Our business developer Christina Schönfeld spends a lot of time attending Open Data conferences in Germany. And she’s met the most curious species there: people who know what to do with complex data, confusing websites and bulky words. But what about the rest of the world? Here’s her take on why Germany is missing out on major opportunities.

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So, what are you going to do with my Open Data?

Most people think that opening data is a scary thing because we never know how it might be used after all. In the following article, Nicolas Terpolilli, our Chief Data Officer, will debunk the myths about what comes after you open your data.

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opening data unlocking impact

Opening data, unlocking impact

How can opening data improve public impact? In the following article, our Chief data Officer, Nicolas Terpolilli, will explain the impact you can have with Open Data.

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4 top civic tech priorities right now

4 Top Civic Tech Priorities Right Now

City, county, and local governments are swimming in a sea of data that never stops. From where does all this data originate? Data comes from virtually everywhere. From city council meetings to live traffic cams, from schools to the city’s waste treatment department, and from citizens to city or county agencies via social media interaction and public forums, data comes from a variety of disparate sources. Until recently, all this data existed in separate silos, and was therefore largely useful only to those tasked with overseeing one particular piece of the local government pie or another. Like a small raft floating on an ocean, these individual silos made data hard to find, identify, and use in any integrated way. Let’s take a look at the top civic tech priorities that local gouvernements face right now.

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What really are the differences between data platforms? There's too many of them!

But honestly, what are the differences between all these data platforms?

When attending Smart City conferences these days, one can’t help but notice: everyone seems to be making some sort of data processing platform, whether for IoT, data science, data analytics, big data, or Open Data purposes. There are platforms that turn excel files into graphs and dashboards, and other platforms geared towards encouraging citizen participation. We can go so far as to say that there are too many platforms. Let’s take a step back and have a look at what the differences between data platforms  are, notably to describe where the OpenDataSoft platform stands out.

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Open Data Pain Points: Remove the roadblocks to your open data program

Open Data Pain Points: Remove the Roadblocks to Your Open Data Program

Today, we want to talk about some of the common challenges that face Open Data program managers. In our experience working with Open Data administrators, we’ve noticed several Open Data pain points emerge: data complexity, minimal Open Data releases, and data that nobody understands. A successful Open Data program needs to avoid a lot of pitfalls to stay afloat.

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