Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

US mayors at the recent US Conference of Mayors in Washington DC

Part 1: Cutting Emissions from Buildings

 “We’re getting out.” With those words, President Donald Trump announced on June 1, 2017 that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord. The response from U.S. mayors was immediate: “the world cannot wait–and neither will we.”

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Connected Citizens by Waze

OpenDataSoft Partners with Waze to Deliver an Unprecedented Transportation-oriented Smart Cities initiative

Partnership Enables Open Data and Smart Cities Players Worldwide to Use and Share Waze Traffic Data to Improve Traffic Infrastructure

Boston, June 28, 2017 — OpenDataSoft, a global software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent, and actionable, is excited to announce a new data-sharing partnership with Waze, the free, real-time crowdsourced traffic and navigation app. This partnership will make it easier for cities and other local governments to launch smart transportation initiatives.

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France is leading the way in Open Data

Meanwhile in France: How Open Data is used in the Hexagon

Speaking about France often evokes images of the Eiffel Tower, majestic castles, and exquisite desserts; it’s not often first associated as a pioneer in Open Data. However, the Hexagon, as the country is often referred to for its shape, is certainly a leader in how its cities, government administrations, and companies are publishing and reusing Open Data. In this article, we will present just some of the successes France has seen in transportation Open Data, cultural Open Data, and in creating a culture around building Open Data-based services, as a few starting points.

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aws marketplace opendatasoft - we are now a part of it!

OpenDataSoft is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

BOSTON — June 12, 2017 — OpenDataSoft is very proud to announce that the OpenDataSoft platform is now available on AWS Marketplace. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now immediately find, subscribe to, and deploy the OpenDataSoft platform on AWS Marketplace.

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on time fragility and why gov is no startup

On time, fragility and why gov is no startup

What is our government based on and how can we make it antifragile? What does antifragile mean anyway? In the following article, our Chief data Officer, Nicolas Terpolilli, shares his take with us.

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An Open Response Civic Analytics Network Letter by OpenDataSoft

An Open Response to the Civic Analytics Network

In early March 2017, the Civic Analytics Network in the United States published an Open Letter to the Open Data Community. As a vendor within the space, we decided to write an open response of our own in order to contribute to the dialogue and continue to move it and our community forward. Below is our response.

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The need for Education Open Data Governance in K-12 Public Education

Education Open Data Part 3: The Need for Data Governance

Data is what is reported to measure things. This is a pretty basic definition. Data is more than rows and columns. In a previous blog post I discussed the context of data and being as important as the data itself. Data is a collection of rows and columns of datum. While metadata puts that data into context, the quality of the data makes the data more re-usable and actually gives the data value. When we speak about data quality and data reporting we are really talking about data governance.

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A partnership for transportation systems performance management

Fortran and OpenDataSoft Announce a Strategic Partnership

A Smart Cities partnership to improve performance management of transportation systems.

Boston, MA, May 25, 2017 – Fortran Traffic Systems Limited, a well-established leader in the North America transportation industry providing traffic solutions and services, and OpenDataSoft, a dynamic software platform specializing in opening data and making them transparent and actionable, are excited to announce a strategic partnership.

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How Education Open Data plays a role in school transportation.

Education Open Data Part 2: School Transportation Missing Data

In the first installment of our Education Open Data series, we introduced the concept of Open Data and the benefits of using open, structured, reusable data sources in education, where PDFs are still the prefered reporting format. Our example was the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, but again, this example could be imagined in state Departments of Education across the country. NCDPI is not an outlier or bad actor in terms of data reporting. NCDPI uses an “open government” standard of reporting that dates back several decades. This new installment will examine practices in transportation data reporting, which, as it stands, can be quite opaque. The good news is we have opportunities through the use of web enabled data dissemination through open data to build and improve upon its current work.

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Open Data in Public Education is a Good place to start

Open Data and K-12 Education – Where’s the Connection?

K-12 Open Data Initiatives present unique opportunities and challenges for public education institutions. The opportunities to engage with constituents and stakeholders within the community are enticing. Bond referenda analysis, capital improvement spending analysis, and communication on student performance, regulations, and sentiment analyses represent just a few of the ways institutions can benefit from opening data to the community.

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