Open Data Licenses : Get Them Straight With This Beautiful Checklist

Open Data Licenses: Get Them Straight With This Beautiful Checklist

Making data open and available is not just about choosing a format or having an API. A poor choice in your license can prevent people from using them. In contrast, a traditional open license reassures potential users that their work on the data will be useful in the long run.

So, what license should you pick for your data to be broadly used? Let’s find out!

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photos and map from queensland opendatasoft feature

Open Data and Australian history: exploring 10,000+ photos and maps of Queensland from 1791 to 2004

We came across a few very interesting data sets recently, and quite different to what is typically found on Open Data catalogues: thousands of photographs of Queenslanders across time and geography as well as 250+ historical maps of Australia dating from 1552 to 1950.

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Overcoming 5 Barriers to Open Government Data

Why is there still so much controversy around opening government data? The open data movement was created to increase government transparency, and foster civic participation and economic growth. Proponents suggest sharing government data will be key to solving perplexing human challenges such as poverty or climate change.

The movement is more than a decade old, yet it’s still facing implementation barriers. Chris Martin of The Open University covered some of those hurdles in his recent academic article, Barriers to the Open Government Data Agenda: Taking a Multi-Level Perspective. In it, he shares five key barriers to the open data movement and ways to overcome them.

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Libraries Open Data and Australian history: convicts transportation

State Library of Queensland’s Open Data sets are a gold mine. For the next post of our “Public libraries Open Data and Australian history” series, we spent some time analysing the British Convict transportation registers data set.

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The EU GDPR rules will mark a data revolution

Regulating the Use of Data in the EU with the GDPR: A Revolution to Come

Just over a year from now, new European regulations on data protection will take effect. This will represent a profound change that will affect users and businesses, says Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO of OpenDataSoft.

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Loi NOTRe et Open Data dans une société uberisée

A Glimpse into the Future of Open Government

Open government is coming to a city near you. It’s clear that citizen populations won’t have it any other way. Or is it?

Over the past several years, many countries have been taking some unprecedented steps to foster inclusion and transparency in local and regional government. More than 200 open data projects were announced within the first year of the launch of and the movement has continued to expand.

There’s a data revolution happening and governments around the world are increasing transparency and fostering a cultural shift in accountability by opening their data and using data visualization tools to share it with their constituents. What are our predictions for the future of open government?

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Building a Sustainable City in Amsterdam with Urban Data

The Amsterdam Energy Atlas: Towards a Sustainable City thanks to Urban Data

As the volume of data cities generate over the course of their day-to-day activities steadily augments, cities are increasingly asking how this trove of urban data can be used to improve their operations and address the many challenges they face.

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Screenshot of OpenDataSynth

How we Make Data Sing

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, our R&D team member Jérémy Autran had fun creating sounds from datasets. Find out how he got this peculiar idea and how he set about developing OpenDataSynth !

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At OpenDataSoft, we take Open Data Security very seriously.

Open Data Security: How we transparently enabled HTTPS for all our customers and users

Making Open Data Security A Priority

  1. HTTPS protects everyone’s privacy
  2. All OpenDataSoft portals have been HTTPS-protected since the end of 2016
  3. OpenDataSoft customers using their own DNS are protected too, free of charge, thanks to Let’s Encrypt

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MeterSYS and OpenDataSoft announce a strategic partnership

Boston, March 27, 2017

A unique, industry-leading platform that improves performance management for utilities. 

MeterSYS, a metering technology services company that works for public utilities, and OpenDataSoft, a dynamic software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent, and actionable, are excited to announce a strategic partnership.

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