4 top civic tech priorities right now

4 Top Civic Tech Priorities Right Now

City, county, and local governments are swimming in a sea of data that never stops. From where does all this data originate? Data comes from virtually everywhere. From city council meetings to live traffic cams, from schools to the city’s waste treatment department, and from citizens to city or county agencies via social media interaction and public forums, data comes from a variety of disparate sources. Until recently, all this data existed in separate silos, and was therefore largely useful only to those tasked with overseeing one particular piece of the local government pie or another. Like a small raft floating on an ocean, these individual silos made data hard to find, identify, and use in any integrated way. Let’s take a look at the top civic tech priorities that local gouvernements face right now.

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What really are the differences between data platforms? There's too many of them!

But honestly, what are the differences between all these data platforms?

When attending Smart City conferences these days, one can’t help but notice: everyone seems to be making some sort of data processing platform, whether for IoT, data science, data analytics, big data, or Open Data purposes. There are platforms that turn excel files into graphs and dashboards, and other platforms geared towards encouraging citizen participation. We can go so far as to say that there are too many platforms. Let’s take a step back and have a look at what the differences between data platforms  are, notably to describe where the OpenDataSoft platform stands out.

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Open Data Pain Points: Remove the roadblocks to your open data program

Open Data Pain Points: Remove the Roadblocks to Your Open Data Program

Today, we want to talk about some of the common challenges that face Open Data program managers. In our experience working with Open Data administrators, we’ve noticed several Open Data pain points emerge: data complexity, minimal Open Data releases, and data that nobody understands. A successful Open Data program needs to avoid a lot of pitfalls to stay afloat.

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Gartner released its open data management platform report and it listed OpenDataSoft among representative vendors!

OpenDataSoft listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner Government Open Data Management Platforms Market Guide Report

Boston, MA, January 4, 2017 — Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, has released its first report on the Government Open Data Management Platforms Market. The report is entitled “Market Guide for Government Open Data Management Platforms.” While Gartner analysts have written a great deal about Open Data previously, this is the first time the company has released a research report on the state of the Open Data market.

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Federal Public Spending Data in the XBRL format is part of the DATA Act

Federal Public Spending Data, XBRL and the DATA Act

Governments large and small spend considerable amounts of public money to pay for health facilities, public safety, social aid and public works, and capital improvement projects. This money is usually derived from taxes that are allocated to federal programs by Congress, but they can also come directly from agency fines, fees, or settlement collections. This makes reporting Federal public spending data including agency financial information somewhat problematic and just plain difficult.

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open data as terraces

Open Data as Terraces

Open Data is nothing more than a way to spread data. As there are plenty of different kinds of distribution networks, we can imagine several ways to grant easy access to data that are ready to be (legally) reused. At OpenDataSoft we’ve been working on such a distribution architecture, and it looks like terraces…

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OpenDataSoft was present at the OGP 2016 conference in Paris!

OGP 2016 – Communication, a Key to Success for Open Government

As many of you may know, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) just held its global summit earlier this month in Paris, France. As this is OpenDataSoft’s home base, it was only natural for us to attend, and what an event it was! Throughout the week of OGP 2016, the theme of effective communication as a key to successful Open Government emerged, and represented one of our main takeaways from the summit. This article will be a bit of a recap of our participation during the summit! But first, a brief introduction to what the OGP is.

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The Power Law of Open Data

Ever heard of the power law? Let us give you a recap on this distribution curve and how Open Data follows it!

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OpenDataSoft has new partners to foster interoperability between data platforms

OpenDataSoft Seeks to Foster Interoperability Between Data Platforms

  • OpenDataSoft joins the Current, powered by GE and Microsoft CityNext ecosystems in new partnerships 
  • Third North American office in San Francisco set to open in January 2017

Boston, MA, December 1st, 2016 – OpenDataSoft, the global leader in data publishing and sharing solutions for governments and private companies alike, is proud to announce new industrial partnerships to work towards greater interoperability between data platforms and the opening of a third North American office in San Francisco. The news comes as a third major announcement for the company in the past three months, following a $5.4 Million in Series A funding in October, and the opening of a North American headquarters in Boston in September.

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OpenDataSoft Raises $5.5M From North American and European investors

Why we invested in OpenDataSoft

To follow up on the announcement of our Series A round of fundraising, one of our latest investors – Aster Capital – wrote an article outlining the reasons they invested in OpenDataSoft. Read it here!

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