Euler Hermes Launches its Open Data Portal

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March 12, 2019

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In March 2019, Euler Hermes - the global leader in trade credit insurance - released its open data platform for the general public to access, use and share its valuable data on international B2B trade.

[Paris – 12 March 2019] Euler Hermes, the global leader in trade credit insurance, releases its open data platform ( for the general public to access, use and share its valuable data on international B2B trade.

Data is at the core of Euler Hermes’ business. Euler Hermes uses data to generate cutting edge analyses and reports to help clients trade in full confidence. In recent years, Euler Hermes has observed a rise in open data portals, often as government-led initiatives, for transparency or compliance purposes. As a key player in the credit insurance field, Euler Hermes seeks to set an example in the global data community by sharing its unique data on international B2B trade.

A Platform that Helps Users Make Sense of International Trade Data

Euler Hermes’ online data platform offers the public access to a first dataset of around 1,800,000 data points collected by Euler Hermes between 2016 and 2018. Powered by Opendatasoft, the portal meets the highest data sharing standards. It is a one-stop hub that includes tools to access, visualize, analyze and share data. Data can be downloaded in real time via APIs. The platform allows users to easily organize and incorporate data into their analyses and presentations.

Enhancing Collaboration Within the Corporate World and Beyond

From the early stages of the project, Euler Hermes sought to build bridges within and beyond the corporate world. The company collaborated with Christophe Perignon’s research team at the HEC School of Management to identify relevant data for academics and economists.

“Euler Hermes’ willingness to share data is of tremendous value to us. It means that we are able to work on real-life data, which is particularly significant thanks to Euler Hermes’ international presence. It is the first time that a large corporation reaches out to us. This action in itself shows a strong sense of corporate social responsibility”, explains Christophe Pérignon.

By sharing their data with a larger audience, corporations like Euler Hermes can help drive the creation of innovative businesses and services.

“Our goal in making the unique Euler Hermes data available to all is to create a community around international B2B data. We want to turn data into action and help solve business challenges across sectors. Ultimately, we hope to set an example and encourage other corporations to open data for the benefit of society as a whole”, explains Jennifer Baert, Global Head of Information & Credit Risk, Euler Hermes.

The open data portal is a first step towards creating a culture of data openness in the corporate world and Euler Hermes hopes other insurance companies will soon follow in its footsteps. In the meantime, Euler Hermes is committed to increasing access to its data and helping people better understand companies’ payment practices as well as how they trade and buy goods or services.

About Euler Hermes:

Euler Hermes is the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk. Our proprietary intelligence network analyses daily changes in corporate solvency representing 92% of global GDP. We give companies the confidence to trade, and be paid. We compensate your company in the event of a bad debt, but more importantly, we help you avoid bad debt in the first place. Whenever we provide trade credit insurance or other finance solutions, our priority is predictive protection. But, when the unexpected arrives, our AA credit rating means we have the resources, backed by Allianz to provide compensation to maintain your business. Headquartered in Paris, Euler Hermes is present in 52 countries with 6,050 employees. In 2017, our consolidated turnover was €2.6 billion and insured global business transactions represented €894 billion in exposure.

About Opendatasoft:

Opendatasoft offers its clients market-leading data sharing solutions that allow users to easily publish, manage, combine, analyze, visualize, and share data in a variety of formats on a single platform. Opendatasoft operates in 18 countries with clients ranging from small companies and towns (including the City of Paris, Brussels, Bristol, the State of North Carolina or Vancouver) to large multinationals (BPCE, Schneider Electric, Indigo, Energias de Portugal (EDP), Veolia, Total, Air Liquide, Enedis, Saint-Gobain).

For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @opendatasoft

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