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May 02, 2019

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Paris, April 2, 2019 - On Tuesday, Vallourec – the world leader in premium industrial tubing solutions – launched its open data initiative, in partnership with Opendatasoft.

On International Women's Day, Vallourec made the symbolic decision to demonstrate the capabilities of its new public data portal by publishing data on women's employment in the Group to generate employment diversity solutions. Today, the day of the open data portal's official launch, Vallourec opens up the rest of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data.

Vallourec is a manufacturer of steel tubes primarily serving the energy industry (oil, gas and power generation), but also the manufacturing sector (mechanical engineering, automotive and construction). Vallourec operates integrated manufacturing facilities in more than twenty countries. The Group is listed on NYSE Euronext. With the launch of its open data portal, Vallourec has become one of the few industrial players to make data with a high social impact available to the general public.

An Open Data Portal With a Focus on Social Responsibility

In addition to its raw datasets, Vallourec offers a series of infographics that showcase its CSR data. They present key figures on workforce distribution, training, safety, environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, reflecting the Group's transparency but also its clear ambition to deliver responsible management.

For Henri Planchon, IT and Data Project manager, “open data is one of the key pieces of any digitalization programme, not only because of its many immediate and sometimes overlooked applications, but also because of the communication opportunities it opens up. Even the least technologically-minded among us is able to quickly grasp its incredible added value: in-house, open data paves the way for enhanced collaboration and performance; externally, it offers a guarantee of digital excellence.”

Vallourec’s Commitment to Digital Innovation

Since November 2018, Vallourec teams have been using the Opendatasoft solution internally to share business data among the company's various departments and teams. Following the success of this first in-house data sharing initiative, the Group decided to implement an external open data portal that makes data accessible to the general public, starting with its CSR data. This project will gradually make a broad range of data on the Group's international activities accessible and public.

About Opendatasoft 

Opendatasoft offers its clients market-leading data sharing solutions that enable all types of public and private sector organisations to open up, share and reuse data. Opendatasoft operates in 18 countries with clients ranging from small companies and towns (including the City of Paris, Lille, Bristol, Namur, Eindhoven or Vancouver in Canada) to large multinationals (Schneider Electric, Indigo, Energias de Portugal (EDP), Veolia, Total, Air Liquide, Enedis, Saint-Gobain). For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @Opendatasoft.


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Data Stories CSR Data for good

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