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July 07, 2021

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Why choose a community approach? The ODS community is a strategic resource for your projects. In this infographic, discover its approach, how it works and the three spaces at your disposal.

The ODS community is a group of data producers and reusers driven by a common ambition: to offer their data the uses it deserves. We wanted to draw a portrait of this community by highlighting the data it produces about itself.

To find this data, we headed to three places, virtual and real, where the ODS community connects, connects its ideas and connects its data.

The Data Network. This is where the meeting between data producers and reusers is concretely created. Anyone can draw on open data to complete their own catalog and data, and feed projects that need fresh and reliable data to exist.

ODS Academy. This learning space is open to anyone who uses the Opendatasoft platform or wants to use it, and who is looking to grow their skills and data culture. Studying on the ODS Academy online campus also means access to a library of open data initiatives proposed by our customers to inspire others.

ODS User Clubs. Since 2019, we have been hosting these meetings in visio and in person for our customers in all territories. The User Clubs allow data project managers from around the world to discuss their daily lives and collaborate to untangle common issues in their business.

Let's cut to the chase and get to the numbers.

Explore this infographic to learn more about the ODS community.

Infographie - Communauté - June 2021 - EN - 300dpi


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