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Anne-Claire Bellec
11 October 2022
To meet its current challenges around sustainability, efficiency, transparency and innovation the UK utility sector needs to become more data-driven. Introducing our new utility ebook, this blog outlines the obstacles to data democratization and how the industry can overcome them, based on best practice and data sharing use cases from across Europe.
Lauréline Saux
02 November 2022
In this article, we take a closer look at Dashboard as a Service (DaaS) solutions. These fast-growing data services are now generating numerous benefits for both the organizations that implement them and their wider ecosystems and customers.
Lauréline Saux
19 September 2022
Today’s more connected world means that we are surrounded by data. Connected consumers and industrial devices, and Internet of Things sensors, generate terabytes of information every minute. But how can companies turn this data into value and new opportunities? Our blog looks at what is needed to transform industrial data into a business and societal asset.
Mabrouk Chouikri
05 August 2022
Dashboards, data stories, interactive maps… There are many types of data visualizations (or dataviz). In this article, we outline the different types of data visualization, understand who they are for, and how to choose and use them to their full potential.
Anne-Claire Bellec
04 July 2022
In today’s complex world, no one player has all the answers. Collaboration is therefore key to driving innovation, meeting customer needs and solving global mega-challenges in every sector. Drawing on the experiences of our customer Schneider Electric, our blog therefore examines the concept of co-innovation, and why data democratization is essential to its success.
08 June 2019
What's the impact of coastal cities on the oceans? Steven Adler introduces us to the concept of Smart Ocean Cities and demonstrates how they can help protect the oceans.
20 May 2019
The Southern Grampians Shire Council invests in digital transformation with a smart IoT portal to support its community and boost its attractivity in the region.
Eric Reese
22 February 2018
The utilities sector is increasingly capitalizing on IoT and data. This blog post is about how smart technologies are changing the industry.
Pauline Montay
18 January 2018
Smarteo Water launches City Flow: a new tool to help the operation of water networks for the use of communities.
10 August 2017
Let’s take a look back at the development of smart grids and the opportunities offered to utilities by using data coming from these new smart electricity distribution networks.
25 April 2017
Many communities are grappling not just with an aging water infrastructure, but with a lack of basic water and sanitation services altogether. Read this blog post and see how open data can provide a valuable solution.
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