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Anne-Claire Bellec
06 June 2023
Opendatasoft has launched its unique, innovative data lineage feature. Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.
Anne-Claire Bellec
26 September 2023
Around the world, trust levels between government organizations and citizens are dropping. Rebuilding trust relies on greater transparency - we explore the importance of data sharing to the process and outline how municipalities can create effective open data portals to strengthen engagement with their stakeholders.
Anne-Claire Bellec
14 August 2023
To drive usage of your city or town’s data portal you need to publish information residents and visitors want to see, accessible in ways that best meet their needs. Based on analysis of our North American customers, we pinpoint the most popular datasets you should look to share.
Lauréline Saux
08 August 2023
Every year, Opendatasoft employees leave their offices in Nantes, Paris and Boston for an off-site away day. This year, they visited the town of Le Pouliguen in western France and spent an afternoon contributing to the OpenStreetMap project. Find out more in this article.
Anne-Claire Bellec
26 June 2023
Industry regulator Ofwat is introducing new requirements around data sharing for the UK water sector. We explore the benefits of opening data across the sector and highlight best practice examples of other utilities that water companies can learn from.
Anne-Claire Bellec
30 May 2023
How can you use data to make people’s lives better? To find out, we interviewed Canadian social enterprise Youthful Cities to learn how it is empowering young people with a combination of relevant data and the tools they need to understand and take action based on this information.
Anne-Claire Bellec
15 May 2023
Digital equity is key to empowering everyone to interact confidently in today’s digital world. Our blog explains the importance of data skills to digital inclusion - and how organizations can help drive data democratization.
Anne-Claire Bellec
02 May 2023
Learn from the City of Long Beach as it provides best practice on sharing the right data and ensuring that it is used by key stakeholders in our in-depth Q&A blog.
Anne-Claire Bellec
17 April 2023
When planning your data project it can be tempting to base it around open source technology. However, this can generate additional costs and require greater resources to implement and manage, as our blog explains.
Anne-Claire Bellec
03 April 2023
What holds back the sharing of geographic data and how can these barriers be overcome? Our blog shares best practice for unlocking greater value from your GIS data by making it part of your wider open data program.
Anne-Claire Bellec
20 March 2023
How can utilities drive greater efficiency, boost collaboration, increase transparency and accelerate decarbonization? Using the experiences of UK Power Networks, our blog outlines how information sharing underpins the shift to Net Zero through the creation of data-driven ecosystems.
Anne-Claire Bellec
06 February 2023
Increasing energy data usage drives greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation within utilities themselves, and across the entire sector. However, sharing data more widely with other stakeholders, from local government to start-ups enables true data democratization and offers even deeper benefits for individual organizations and society as a whole.
Anne-Claire Bellec
30 January 2023
While smart cities have been with us for a while, they are always evolving and moving forward. Digital twins are one of the latest innovations, but what are they and how do you build one? To find out we talked to George Reed of digital twin and smart solutions provider Siradel.
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