10 steps to become a smart city using open data

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Anne-Claire Bellec
17 January 2023
What will 2023 bring for those of us working in the world of data? What are the key trends people need to be aware of? We’ve collected the opinions and predictions of a range of experts, including Forrester, Gartner, Microsoft and McKinsey, and have shared them below in our blog.
Anne-Claire Bellec
20 March 2023
How can utilities drive greater efficiency, boost collaboration, increase transparency and accelerate decarbonization? Using the experiences of UK Power Networks, our blog outlines how information sharing underpins the shift to Net Zero through the creation of data-driven ecosystems.
Anne-Claire Bellec
06 February 2023
Increasing energy data usage drives greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation within utilities themselves, and across the entire sector. However, sharing data more widely with other stakeholders, from local government to start-ups enables true data democratization and offers even deeper benefits for individual organizations and society as a whole.
Anne-Claire Bellec
30 January 2023
While smart cities have been with us for a while, they are always evolving and moving forward. Digital twins are one of the latest innovations, but what are they and how do you build one? To find out we talked to George Reed of digital twin and smart solutions provider Siradel.
Anne-Claire Bellec
23 January 2023
Open data is vital to meet the growing needs of citizens, consumers and other stakeholders for increased public sector transparency. How are countries reacting to these demands? Learn more in the European Commission's 2022 Open Data Maturity report.
Anne-Claire Bellec
09 January 2023
In an increasingly urban world, there’s a real need for municipalities to become smarter. They have to become more efficient, innovative, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of stakeholders. Based on our new smart city ebook, this blog explains how open data fuels smart communities, providing in-depth use cases and strategies for success.
Anne-Claire Bellec
05 December 2022
How can data sharing help different public sector organizations meet their changing objectives? To demonstrate its power we look at how multiple agencies and municipalities in North Carolina are harnessing data to increase efficiency, transparency and innovation.
Lauréline Saux
21 November 2022
The Opendatasoft Data hub is a platform that gathers more than 29,000 open data datasets published by public and private sector organizations. It also hosts more than 600 reference datasets, maintained and updated by our teams.
Anne-Claire Bellec
03 November 2022
How can open data underpin digital transformation across the Middle East, and what are the challenges to its adoption? We look at the benefits open data brings, illustrated with best practice examples from our customers.
Anne-Claire Bellec
24 October 2022
While data use and sharing is growing, it doesn’t mean that your data project will automatically get the senior management backing it needs to be successful. What are the challenges to having your project signed-off and how can they be overcome?
Anne-Claire Bellec
11 October 2022
To meet its current challenges around sustainability, efficiency, transparency and innovation the UK utility sector needs to become more data-driven. Introducing our new utility ebook, this blog outlines the obstacles to data democratization and how the industry can overcome them, based on best practice and data sharing use cases from across Europe.
Anne-Claire Bellec
04 October 2022
The benefits of smart cities are universal and spread well beyond major conurbations. Municipalities of all sizes can become smart through a combination of open data, sensors and new ways of sharing information, whatever their budgets or resources.
Anne-Claire Bellec
26 September 2022
Searching for data shouldn’t be the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack. Our blog explains why you need natural language search within your data platform if you are to increase usage and drive data democratization.
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