UK Power Networks supports energy transition through innovative open data portal

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Anne-Claire Bellec
23 May 2022
Once you’ve chosen to embrace data democratization to serve your ecosystems with compelling data experiences your project needs the right technology and vendor partner to enable success. We explain what to look for when picking a technology platform in terms of features, support and relevant experience.
Lauréline Saux
25 April 2022
Looking to make your data more accessible and usable, but not a data specialist? Learn more about how the ODS Academy, Opendatasoft’s learning resources platform, can help.
Anne-Claire Bellec
21 March 2022
Open data is essential to creating smart grids and decarbonizing the energy sector. Our blog brings together best practice from leaders such as UK Power Networks, Enedis, Elia and EDP to demonstrate how open data can drive transformation across the sector.
Anne-Claire Bellec
16 March 2022
Opening your data to the world is just the first step in a journey - for open data to be truly effective it needs to be found, accessed, and consumed by the right audiences. We look at how four major cities are successfully tackling this challenge.
Anne-Claire Bellec
02 March 2022
March 5 marks Open Data Day 2022. As part of the celebrations we're highlighting the impact of open data and how data democratization is developing across the world through key use cases.
Anne-Claire Bellec
22 February 2022
The energy sector is at the forefront of the move to cutting emissions and limiting global warming. We interviewed Matt Webb of electricity distribution network and system operator UK Power Networks to learn how open data is driving transformation and building a Net Zero future.
Anne-Claire Bellec
16 February 2022
McKinsey believes that by 2025 most companies will be using data to optimize their operations and empower better decision-making. We outline the consultancy's seven key characteristics of data-driven enterprises and how businesses can achieve them.
Anne-Claire Bellec
04 February 2022
Open data is a fast-growing trend in banking. But what are the use cases, benefits and challenges? We asked open data pioneer Yves Tyrode of Groupe BPCE to explain more at our Data on Board conference.
Lauréline Saux
10 January 2022
The whole Opendatasoft team is excited to announce that we have raised $25 million in funding from a mix of existing and new investors. To find out more, we interviewed Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO and cofounder of Opendatasoft.
Lauréline Saux
21 December 2021
At our annual Data on Board conference on the 7th of December Ysée Rogé, ODS VP of Customer Service presented awards to the best data projects of 2021. Read on to learn more about the winners in each category.
Agata C. Hidalgo
22 September 2021
Use of force, gender violence, case backlog...these are just some of the pressing issues facing our judicial systems today. Open data can help address them while also rebuilding trust between communities and law enforcement. Find out how in this article!
Pauline Montay
17 September 2021
How are we measuring our customers’ satisfaction and what are we doing to improve it? Let's discuss this with Ysée Rogé, our VP Customer Services.
Agata C. Hidalgo
25 May 2021
Summer’s approaching and with it the reopening of most leisure destinations. Find out how data-driven solutions can help the tourism industry restart safely!
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