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Anne-Claire Bellec
06 June 2023
Opendatasoft has launched its unique, innovative data lineage feature. Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.
Anne-Claire Bellec
03 July 2023
Seamless mobility is at the heart of effective and popular cities. Sharing data across the mobility ecosystem increases transparency, collaboration and efficiency, enabling smart city mobility that benefits businesses, citizens, transport operators and city government.
Anne-Claire Bellec
14 November 2022
Ensuring data flows effectively around your organization means adopting the right structure for your data team. What are the options and when should you pick a centralized, rather than decentralized approach? Our blog explains what you need to know when structuring your team.
Lauréline Saux
19 September 2022
Today’s more connected world means that we are surrounded by data. Connected consumers and industrial devices, and Internet of Things sensors, generate terabytes of information every minute. But how can companies turn this data into value and new opportunities? Our blog looks at what is needed to transform industrial data into a business and societal asset.
05 November 2021
More and more public sector organizations are committing to taking an open data approach. They can see how open data helps to connect directly with citizens and builds a stronger, trusted relationship between citizens and public sector bodies.
13 December 2018
The city of Namur is the latest public sector actor in the region to take a leap forward and develop its own ambitious project. The city is working towards delivering a portal that will promote innovation and increase transparency.
13 July 2018
The project hoped to highlight the tremendous power of open data to provide new insights into mobility issues by researching the case study of Bogotá.
03 May 2018
Cities and the private sector are working on solutions to the problem that address both how we find and pay for parking. 
07 July 2016
This post is a translation of an article first published by Sophie Garrigues on, Wednesday, April 4th 2016. It is an interview of Citilog CEO Eric Toffin, as he talks about the OpenDataSoft platform's role in managing incoming traffic data collected from cities and roads using the company's different traffic management systems.
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